Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Beginning

Welcome fans of Womanthology and comics alike!

One of the biggest names in the entertainment industry is James Lipton. His education seminar and hit TV series Inside the Actor's Studio gives movie enthusiasts insight into the big, secretive world known as Hollywood. But, with all due respect to the man that inspires me daily, the show falls short of its potential.

I understand  the general public is not as interested in hearing from writers and directors as they are from the people they see on the screen. I am not the general public. Actors are given the power and fame they have because they had guidance and direction those behind the camera, from the original creators. That's who I want to hear from, those with the power of creation.

And then came Womanthology.

Inside the Creator's Studio allows fans and fellow creators the chance to hear from those who have succeeded. I feel honored, blessed, and humbled to be given the chance to speak to some of the most talented women in the entertainment industry.

It is my privilege to present Womanthology's Inside the Creator's Studio.

~ Jennifer V ~